Monday, July 19, 2010


El Universal had a front-page story today on how the judicial reform in Chihuahua, one of the first states to implement oral trials and other elements of the judicial reform, is being slowed by the difficult security situation in the state:
Like one victim more in the war against drug traffic, the structure of the new criminal justice system in Chihuahua has been strongly attacked. More than 100 of its strategic operators have fallen victim to gunfire from organized crime, which has impeded, in its three years of implementation, the realization of the objective for which it was designed: ridding the state of impunity.

Gunmen from several criminal organizations since 2008 more than 98 members of the state attorney general's office, among them police investigators, agents for the attorney's office, and specialized forensics agents, aside from 21 lawyers. All of them received training so as to implement the judicial reform on the ground, which was to give Chihuahua's justice system a 180-degree turn.
Looked at another way, you can't get a handle on the violence because of weak security institutions, and you can't strengthen the security institutions because the violence is out of control. Quite the pickle.

On the plus side, Noel Maurer points out that, the label of World's Most Dangerous City notwithstanding, Juárez still appears to be slightly safer than Baghdad.


Noel Maurer said...

I turned out to have misplaced a decimal point. Juarez appears to be several times worse than Baghdad.

Embarrassing for me, awful for Chihuahua.

pc said...

Reminds me of the mundane details from Office Space. Good news for Baghdad I guess, but yeah crap for the people in Chihuahua.