Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Best Politics-Sports Comparison Ever

Courtesy of Jorge Chabat: Santiago Creel as Vicente Fox's Guillermo Franco. Brilliant.

Chabat argues that the PRI's arrogance, which is today comparable to what it was before the arrival of Vicente Fox, could be its downfall:
Without a doubt the PRI can win in 2012. But the elections are not won through a party's positive actions but through the errors of others. If the PRI wants to win it must not commit errors. Nevertheless, the seed of its error its being sown in the PRI: it's called arrogance. More than one person will say that surely the PRI will realize this. That's not right. Partial success is the most potent drink. It makes you lose perspective. And the PRI is already drunk on power. The victories have gone to their head. They already think that God is a priísta...

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