Friday, July 30, 2010

The Left's Pact: Back On, So They Say

AMLO and Ebrard shared a meal on Tuesday and each came out of it reaffirming his commitment to cede the terrain to the candidate best positioned in 2012. Two reactions: first, it occurs to me that I don't know whether "best positioned" refers to the PRD primaries or the general election. Whenever I've read about the pact, I've always assumed that it was the latter, but I could be wrong. This is an important distinction, because Ebrard is going to likely remain the general-election favorite, and AMLO the better liked candidate within the ranks of the leftist parties.

Second, regardless of what was said after the meal, I remain convinced that the only way there will be a single leftist candidate is if Ebrard steps aside and it is AMLO. I just don't see the Tabascan sitting this one out, but maybe he'll surprise us. And with either a divided left or a unified left behind AMLO, the Left is in trouble in 2012.

Also, anyone interested in the Mexican left should check out the new blog Aguachile.

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