Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Perils of Local Marketing

One of the more amusing problems for advertisers in Torreón stems from the following three related circumstances: there are no beaches nearby; consequently, many of the local retailers don't want to pay to trek a camera crew and model to Mazatlán or Tampico to make an advertisement; yet, the fun, sexy atmosphere of the beach remains the advertising ideal for basically every product or service you could ever want to market. This problem leads to photos like the above, which is from an ad for a new gym. The model is laying on what appears to be sand, under a sunny sky, and is wearing a bathing suit, all of which scream Beach! Yet when you take a closer look at what lies behind the woman, it appears as though weeds and crabgrass are running wild a few steps behind the model, with a scraggly sierra filling out the background a mile or so away. South Beach, this is not.

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