Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More News from San Pedro GG, Once Again for the Wrong Reasons

Three former members of Mauricio Fernández's unofficial security force in San Pedro Garza García were arrested by the PGR and placed under arraigo for 40 days, during which time their alleged links with organized crime are to be investigated. Personally, I'm shocked that Fernández's strategy of employing off-the-books shock troops to ensure security in the city led to any illegal doings. Shocked.


David said...

I enjoyed some hospitality in San Pedro Garza Garcia last week and discovered from a small sampling of local opinion that the "equipos rudos" are pretty damn popular. (Anything seen to keep the rif-raff out of San Pedro will be popular.) It doesn't make the equipos right, but the mayor definitely knows what plays among his constituency. Not sure who this reflects worse on: the mayor or the locals.

pc said...

That definitely makes sense. With all of what we knew about him before the election, you can't say that they didn't know what they were putting into office. I'd say it reflects worse on MF, but the fact that he has the locals' support is to a certain degree reflective of the fact that Mexico's electorate in general is often insufficiently discriminating.