Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wow, Young People Can Be Really Stupid Sometimes

Trouble in Big Orange Country:
Safety Janzen Jackson and receiver Nu'Keese Richardson, two of Lane Kiffin's most prized signees from his first recruiting class, were among three Tennessee football players arrested early Thursday morning in Knoxville on charges of attempted armed robbery.

The third player arrested was also a freshman, defensive back Mike Edwards.

According to a Knoxville City Police report, the arrests stemmed from an attempted robbery outside a convenience store near campus. A powered pellet gun was recovered in the players' car after they were stopped by police near the Gibbs Hall dormitory on campus, where the Vols' freshman football players live.


According to the police report, the victims of ther robbery were in their car outside a Pilot convenience store, parked next to a Toyota Prius, when a black male approached wearing a hooded sweatshirt, brandishing what appeared to be a handgun, opened the drivers' side door and said "Give me everything you have." A second black male also wearing a hooded sweatshirt then came around to the passenger side of the victims' car, opened it and said "give us everything you've got."

I'm pretty sure I know which Pilot that is, and it's a spot where police pass by every three minutes or so. Smart move.

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