Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stupidity from Forbes

I missed this earlier, but Chapo Guzmán also appeared on the Forbes power list, at spot number 41. Power is a slippery concept that is impossible to rank accurately, but even with that caveat, Chapo's is a rather stupid designation. Even if you accept Forbes' own laughable accounting of his wealth, how is Chapo any more powerful than law-abiding billionaires? He's constantly on the run. He can't sit down with the president and influence policy the way Alfredo Harp or Ricardo Salinas can. He can't launch new products that change the face of commerce. Nor does he oversee a major economy or control a stock of nuclear weapons, as Nicolas Sarkozy does, yet somehow the French president is 15 spots below Guzmán. This seems like a good time to revisit my tirade directed at Forbes' coverage of Chapo and Mexico.

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