Monday, November 16, 2009

More Budget Haggling

With the revenue portion of the budget debate behind us, Mexico's legislators are now addressing the spending side. It has been a comparatively peaceful affair; in politics, it may not be better but it certainly is easier to give than to receive. The budget committee in the Chamber of Deputies passed a bill that will be voted on later today by the full legislature. A couple notable elements: despite pleas in opinion pages from university big shots in recent weeks, the money assigned to public universities was less than requested. And, although Calderón had originally sketched out a slightly less than $1 billion cut in Defense Secretariat spending, the Chamber upped the defense spending to just below its 2009 level.


Anonymous said...

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David said...

The defence/public security budgets were increased last year so any decline still leaves them ahead of where they were. This whole budget wrangling seems oddly familiar - only the actors have changed. As I wrote in The News last November:

" ... lawmakers haggled to the last minute over the reassignment of some 66 billion pesos, which was mostly extracted from the budgets of federal agencies and the branches of government and plowed into increased spending on health, education, agriculture and road building. Public security spending will also increase by approximately 30 percent."

pc said...

The revenue seemed more fraught than I remember it before but yeah there's a deja vu feeling to it all. Out of curiosity, do you know what the annual Sedena spending was during the final Fox budget?