Monday, November 9, 2009

Mexican Science and Brazil Envy

UNAM nuclear scientist Alejandro Frank, after admiring Brazil's investments in its scientific capacity, laments Mexico's comparative weakness:
In contrast, the Latin American giant to the north, our beloved country, still continues sleeping, in a tranquil and exasperating passivity. The support for national science and technology continues at levels below even small and poor countries. The dialogue among the government, legislative bodies, and the scientific community is almost nonexistent. It would seem that we continue inexorably in short-term and unimaginative outlooks.

Despite the sporadic encounters between government agencies and scientists, we continue debating among ourselves so as to make ourselves heard as decisions are taken in the planning of the national life. Public universities and the scientific system are being seen as a luxury and not as natural interlocutors against the backdrop of the challenges of progress and development.

Our system of basic education, despite significant investments, continues wandering aimlessly and hasn't managed to overcome its defects, while our scientific and technological culture don't appear on the map of our priorities.
But on the plus side, Mexico beat the Brazilians in the U-17 World Cup.

In somewhat related news, Bill Gates just gave $100,000 to UNAM.

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