Monday, November 16, 2009

Enamored of Marcelo

Leonardo Curzio makes a pretty good case for the specialness of Marcelo Ebrard:
Marcelo Ebrard has demonstrated that he understands what is going on in the world; that he doesn't complicate things with false dilemmas and he knows that material progress depends on the investments made by companies companies that subjectively trust or don't the policies in place. He is a person that could inspire confidence in them and therefore be an interlocutor and guarantor that sizable investments flow into the country. The mayor of Mexico city continues being held prisoner of the special interests of his party, but he has opened new letters such as betting on institutionalized social dialogue (Social and Economic Council) so that together with government action the public interest is promoted. Ebrard is the best asset that the left has today to grow and he is the most credible element to level a political system that is dramatically inclined to the right. The issue is that he must decide to occupy that space and stop hesitating, his window of opportunity, as with any politician, isn't eternal.
I think he probably overstates the effect on Ebrard's arrival on investments in Mexico, but the gist seems dead on.

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