Friday, November 13, 2009

Calderón vs. His Base

Evidently, riding high in the atmosphere on the presidential plane, Calderón lets his guard down a bit. Yesterday, in just such a circumstance, he lit into the business-class opposition to his fiscal measures:
I regret that instead of generating a constructive atmosphere that allowed for the best proposals and to have a nice agreement, a very destructive atmosphere of criticism and even lack of dialogue was generated by the interested groups that, as we can see, enormously deteriorated the possibility of constructed consensus.

...The pressure and the disqualification of legislators from the media that they had to absorb was so great, that as we can see this generated an unproductive and negative atmosphere for them.
Hard to know if this is Calderón blowing off steam or trying to influence public opinion. Or both. I guess we'll have to see where his rhetoric goes from here.

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