Friday, October 9, 2009

The Left's Support for the Union

After pointing out that the left in most countries usually stands for a principled stands, El Universal hammers the left over its support for the electrician's union:
The left in the country has lost the opportunity to present itself as different from the rest [of Mexico's parties] because its internal practices are authoritarian, because it tolerates clientism to win elections, because it has neglected to break with its caudillos, and because it has been incapable of contributing an ethical version of the globalized world. In sum, our left has failed to present a coherent and attractive vision of politics to the world.

Only in this context can the unconditional support that the self-proclaimed leftist parties gave to the Mexican Electricians Union (SME) yesterday. Absolutely, all criticism made against Mexican labor as a concept would be unjust, but yesterday's was not an abstract endorsement, but rather an explicit legitimization of corporatist practices, corruptions, skewed benefits, kidnapping of public funds, and the absence of internal democratic elections in that union.

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