Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unfortunate Artistic Decisions

Anybody's who looked at a female celebrity in a magazine is familiar with what airbrushing can do: color gets brighter, blemishes are removed, certain body parts become bigger and rounder, while others become narrower. I offer the preceding sentence as an objective observation rather than a passage of judgment, but regardless of your opinion of airbrushing, have you ever seen a worse bodily augmentation than the backside of actress Paola Núñez, pictured above? Ignore the graffiti, and look at it again for a second. It's not only that it's unnatural and unattractive; it's that it has the shape of a giant pimple, or a small volcano. What was the airbrusher thinking? If I were Núñez, I'd sue for defamation of derriere.

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