Thursday, October 22, 2009

More on the Arrests

The AP released a report on Eric Holder's press conference announcing the arrests of 300 people linked to La Familia. No further info on whether these people are supposed to be American criminals or close associates of Servando Gómez, but I continue to assume it's the former case, which makes the breathless announcements of blows to La Familia in the United States rather disingenuous. (Though evidently some actual members of the group were arrested in Mexico today.)

Also, I love over-attribution in news stories:
In July, after a dozen Mexican police officers were found murdered, officials say Gomez-Martinez publicly proclaimed his membership in La Familia and said the cartel was locked in a battle with Mexican police.
Officials say? Well, he went on the television to talk about it. You can see said video or read the transcript all over the web. Although the point of his appearance didn't seem to be to declare his involvement with La Familia.

Update: Now there are reports that 1,200 people were arrested.

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