Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LyFC Polling

Reforma says that 50 percent were in favor of Calderón's takeover, 37 percent against. Sixty-two percent said that the liquidated workers should accept the severance packages being offered by the government, while 30 said that they should reject it.

María de las Heras, with one of the more convoluted polls I've ever seen (or maybe it's just the graphic that is killing me), shows a slightly less supportive public. Only 49 percent of those who said that the takeover was necessary thought that Calderón picked the best possible moment. Following the takeover, 60 percent of those polled said that Calderón should have negotiated more. Sixty-eight percent expressed confidence that the government's position was not going to change a whole lot despite the pressure from the union.

Also, a group called Prospecta Consulting polled LyFC customers and came away with some interesting results. Forty-eight percent had a bad or very opinion of LyFC, and 56 percent felt the same way about their union. Meanwhile, the positive feelings for each entity were only 14 and 8 percent, respectively. Forty percent favored Calderón's takeover, against 34 who opposed it, but a majority (56 percent) thought service would improve under the CFE, with only 4 percent predicting that it would be worse.

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