Friday, October 23, 2009


Fernando Gómez Mont hailed the deputies for raising taxes and placing a priority on the interests of the nation, despite the inevitable irritation of certain parts of society. Excélsior took this to mean praise for the PRI.

However, PAN-PRI relations are not all milk and honey, thanks to César Nava's criticism of the PRI for killing the 2 percent consumption tax, and for the other tax increases. The logic of the first part of Nava's criticism was sound (had the PRI supported the 2 percent tax, it would indeed have passed), but the complaint came across as sour grapes, and it was unproductive, to say the least. The PRI fired back by calling him ignorant, a cowardly little kid, a crybaby, and irresponsible. Update: Excélsior and El Universal are both reporting that the agreement is dead, next year's budget is a hash, and the fault is Nava's. I wonder if Calderón regrets not selecting someone with a bit more political seasoning.

The difference in experience between the Interior Secretary (Gómez Mont) and the PAN's chief (Nava) couldn't be clearer.

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