Thursday, October 22, 2009

How Connected

The headline to a story today reads, A cell of La Familia falls in Texas. The Dallas Morning News also ran a story on the arrests. Here's the lead:
Federal and local authorities early Wednesday arrested 90 people in Dallas as part of a nationwide methamphetamine drug distribution bust tied to the notorious "La Familia" drug cartel.
"Tied" is a pretty vague word. Dick Cheney and Peyton Manning are just two of the people I could be "tied" to, if one had a mind to do it. The important question is, were these 90 people michoacanos who'd infiltrated the US, or are they American criminals who just happened to buy their stuff from La Familia? That's a vital distinction. If it's the former, we should be concerned. If it's the latter, than the DEA should be ashamed of its alarmism. I tend to think its the latter, although the articles don't confirm that, and the DEA web site has no info. The Dallas Morning News article does, however, go on to recount the butchering of 12 federal police in Mexico in July, which comes across as totally irrelevant, and closes with the following sentence:

Through the current investigation, DEA agents learned that several Dallas-area cell leaders oversee independent drug distribution branches supplied by members of La Familia in Mexico.

Update: It was actually 300 people arrested around the land, and El Universal says that US officials will have more information in the days to come.

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