Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two Responses to a Similar Complaint

Despite their eventual qualification, the Mexican and Argentine media have focused on the dirty lining to their respective silver clouds: both selecciones battled mightily to punch their ticket, and each team's finish in the qualifying round (Argentina fourth, Mexico second) fell short of the nation's highest hopes. Mexican coach Javier Aguirre responded to the criticisms by pointing out that a first-place finish (which fell out of reach thanks to a last-minute goal in the US) wasn't the goal, but rather a spot in the final 32; Diego Maradona, with quite less tact, responded to his critics with a facetious (we think) invitation that they perform oral sex on him.

Update: a little more on Maradona: 79 percent of respondents to a La Nación internet poll said he should resign in the wake of the comments, an astonishingly high number given his status there.

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