Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Mainstream Voice for Legalization

It's conservative Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post. This line is the clincher for me:
Alcohol and cigarettes -- not to mention 700-calorie cheeseburgers -- are inarguably more harmful than a little reefer, she wrote.
This fact transcends the questions about the whether or not legalization will lead to a spike in drug use, or whether or not it signifies government surrender. The fact that we allow far more harmful products undermines whatever rationale to which one could cling in order to justify marijuana being illegal. The proper policy for harder drugs is, of course, a bit trickier.


Anonymous said...

A reefer is far more harmful than a Big Mac. Far more. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about.

pc said...

That wasn't perhaps the most precise language (nor the strongest part of the argument), but I took the burgee to be representative of unhealthy eating habits in general. One joint versus one hamburger, I don't think either one is particularly harmful. But as far as decades of high-fat, high-cholesterol diet versus decades of casual marijuana use, I think the diet's more likely to kill you.

Noel Maurer said...