Saturday, October 31, 2009

Overly Honest

According to Federal Police sources quoted in Excélsior yesterday, federal troops are in the midst of a large-scale operation aimed at bringing La Familia's Servando Gómez and his collaborators to justice. Supposedly the operation started two weeks ago, so I guess surprise was already off the table, but I wonder why they made that information public. It even includes official suspicions about his recent movements, and where the government is concentrating its efforts. Maybe it's all blowing smoke, but if not, that seems like info that a police agency would want to keep close to the vest.

The sources claimed that their goal was to trap Gómez "before the FBI finds him", which is also a bizarre thing to make public. First of all, since Gómez is presumed to be in Michoacán and not Miami, there aren't likely to be hundreds of FBI agents hot on his trail. Furthermore, while friendly (or even unfriendly) rivalries between different nations' security agencies are inevitable, it strikes me as kind of odd to see them broadcast so openly. Would you see the US military say, "We just want to catch Osama before the Brits do"?

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