Thursday, October 15, 2009

More of the PAN's Case

César Nava justifies Calderón's takeover of LyFC:
Someone has to do something, society rightfully cries. The principal political actors, particularly those with an eye toward 2012, boast that they know what to do. Nevertheless, almost nobody assumes the responsibility of proposing. What's more, almost no one takes concrete actions on the matter. The rhetorical surplus contrasts with the deficit of viable proposals and concrete actions.

Someone begins to make a difference. The decision taken by the president to order the liquidation the LFyC is a sensible and brave action that breaks with the inertia and responds to a longtime problem, that only in 2009 cost all of us Mexicans 40 billion pesos and had been avoided and postponed repeatedly by those who've tripped over the same stone for half a century.

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