Sunday, October 25, 2009

For Pennsylvania Residents

I mentioned several weeks ago that there is a recently made Mexican movie called Euforia whose protagonist shares a name with your blogger. I've been unable to uncover any explanation of this coincidence, despite dogged investigation. (By "dogged", I mean that I sent a single email to the movie's public relations contact, who neglected to answer.) I've also been unable to view the film, as it has not yet been released in Mexican theaters (there's a maddening two or three-year interim between a movie's completion and its distribution here). However, I have followed the movie's wanderings around the film festival circuit with some interest, and if you're going to be in southeastern Pennsylvania in the next couple of weeks, Euforia will be playing at the Greater Reading Film Festival on November 7th. I'd love to know how it is.


malcolm beith said...

you should check into it further. the actor who plays your namesake, humberto zurita, is from torreon. have you guys ever met? maybe he heard of you and thought it would make a cool screen name?

pc said...

Yeah I read that about Zurita, it seems too much to be a coincidence. I never met him, but I wonder if we have a mutual acquaintance and he was trolling for anglofied names or something. Or maybe he saw something I wrote. I need to find out more. I hope he's a likable character, it'd suck to have my name popularized as that of a dirtbag.