Friday, October 16, 2009

Stats on LyFC

Courtesy of Emilio Rebaso:
If you compare the productivity of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) and that of LyFC, all the indicators for the latter are negative. Duration of interruption per customer: CFE 79 minutes; LyFC, 148.02 minutes. Wait for connection for new users: CFE, 0.96 days; LyFC, 5.8 days. Customers per active employee: CFE, 392.3; LyFC, 537.5. Total losses of energy: CFE, 10.6 percent; LyFC, 32.45 percent. Dissatisfaction per thousand customers: CFE, 5.1; LyFC, 11. Energy generation: CFE, 1.76 gigawatts per worker; LyFC, 0.72 gigawatts per worker (primary sources: CFE and LyFC).


Citizens and the taxpayers have the right to know: how is it possible that a "decentralized entity subsists on the payments that the federal government makes to maintain it"? This is means that our taxes were used, and with the authorization of Congress, to finance a highly unproductive business, to the point of being unviable.

But the worst of it: this has been the case "since its creation", which is to say, since February 9, 1994, under Carlos Salinas de Gortari, which means that the governments, of the PRI as well as the PAN (since Fox in 2001, the payments even increased by more than 200 percent), have not only been tolerated, but fostered this obviously unsustainable situation, over the course of 15 years! Why?

Because despite the democratic reforms to this country, no one has wanted/been able to dismantle the clientist state, the worst enemy of democracy, and we prefer to maintain it with its privileges for the leadership caste, through an exchange suited to feudal court, instead of extinguishing it for the benefit of the people.

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