Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Laughs

Milenio has a video on its site titled, "Women chase Peña Nieto", set to the classic Rigo Tovar song, Perdóname mi amor, por ser tan guapo, ("Forgive me my love, for being so handsome"). It's kind of fun, and comes complete with testimonials ("He's short, but he's really handsome"). However, Peña Nieto should run like the wind from this kind of publicity. The big obstacle to his presidency is that Peña Nieto seems like an empty suit, and completely unprepared for the big time. His image as a pretty boy goes hand in hand with that. (Interestingly, the possibility of a similar narrative in the 2008 elections really worried Obama's team, according to this book.) He's already dating a famous actress, so he's climbing uphill in this regard. He should spend the next several months acting like a nerd, developing an interest in some really wonky subjects, and avoiding celebrity talk shows.

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