Sunday, November 15, 2009


Edgardo Buscaglia says that Mexico's not doing enough to attack the financial structure of drug traffickers:
The Financial Intelligence Unit of the Finance Secretariat doesn't have the capacity to confront those issues, but the government has the System of Revenue Administration [Mexico's IRS]; I'd recommend to the Secretary of Public Security that instead of worrying about having more helicopters, he should worry about strengthening investigations to dismantle the sponsorship of crime.
He also said that 78 percent of the sectors of the Mexican economy have been invaded by drug money, which is an interesting stat, although it provokes more questions than it answers (What constitutes a sector? What impact does the drug money being there have on the law-abiding portion of the sector?). Whatever the case, it's true that you used to hear a lot about Calderón taking aim at the financial backers of drug traffickers, whereas today that kind of talk is rather rare. I don't know if that's because such efforts have petered out, but it definitely seems from the outside to occupy a smaller part of Calderón's strategy.

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