Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Country for Old Men

Today Mexico's newest soccer stadium, Territorio Santos Modelo, opens in Torreón. Santos Laguna will face off against the Santos that used to employ Pele in the stadium's first game. In fact, Pele is coming to Torreón for event, as is Felipe Calderón, which means that we will have el presidente and el rey in the same spot.

Pele's presence marks an amusing but kind of depressing trend in Torreón: we have a knack for supporting performers who are at least decade past their prime. Ricky Martin will be performing before the Santos-Santos game. That's a marginal example, since Martin is still popular, and his biggest problem is not being over the hill but rather never having climbed it. Later this month, though, Air Supply is doing a show here. (OK, they've always been bad, too.) Evander Holyfield will be fighting next month. Chicago and the Doors have both done recent shows here, too. Event promoters of Torreón: how about someone a little more current?

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