Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Awesome Prize

At some point in my life, I signed up for a social networking site called Our Border. Today I received an email from the site about an upcoming three-week challenge to sign up new members; the person who signs up the most people will receive the following prize:
The challenge winner will receive a Border Patrol hat signed by Secretary Napolitano. The contest runs for just three weeks, so get started today!
In case you're wondering, the emphasis is theirs. It's a hilarious idea, but I'm having a difficult time conceiving of a real person who might actually be motivated by such a prize. I live in a border state, and expend a significant amount of energy reading and writing about border issues, and I wouldn't walk 30 steps out of my way for a Border Patrol hat with Napolitano's signature. That's no offense to the secretary (she's been fine by me thus far), but that sounds like a prize that Ned would offer to Rod and Todd.

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