Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rock on the CNDH

Roberto Rock thinks that the change of command at the CNDH is a great opportunity to discuss the organization's defects:
But a debate on this issue should be centered on the banality that increasingly dominates the Commission; in the weakness of its time in existence; in the deviation of its resolutions; in the tendency to make pacts with the authorities at the expense of the victims; in the contempt for the advisory council that should establish its operating principles; in the recent proliferation of recommendations without follow-up or assistance for the denouncers.
Rock goes on to point out that the above problems help explain why the CNDH has so many conflicts with outside rights groups like Human Rights Watch or the UN's High Commission for Human Rights.


jd said...

Following the Arturo Chavez debacle and the IFAI semi-controversy, I'd say that the CNDH appointment is a big deal. Yes it's a congressional rather than executive appointment, but the PAN's stance will be important. I can think of nothing better than a Chavez/weak IFAI/non-illustrious CNDH series of appointments to lead the Mexican punditocracy to unprecedented fits of hand-wringing.

pc said...

Yeah that'll be interesting to see, where the PAN comes down. Unless I've missed it, Calderón's been pretty quiet about the whole thing.