Monday, October 5, 2009

PRI Popularity

Excélsior's populómetro takes the measure of the PRI today, and determines that Enrique Peña Nieto is the party's most recongizable and well liked figure. He is followed by Beatriz Paredes, Francisco Labastida, and Manlio Fabio Beltrones. Labastida's third-place ranking is pretty weird, given that he is less relevant than many others on the list, but that has more to do with the residual effect of his presidential candidacy in 2000. Following Beltrones are two of the party's most notorious governors: Mario Marín (the authoritarian who engineered the kidnapping of journalist Lydia Cacho) Ulises Ruiz (basically on Marín's level). Senator Jesús Murillo, Governors Humberto Moreira (¡arriba Coahuila!), Ivonne Ortega, Rodrigo Medina, and Deputy Francisco Rojas round out the top ten.

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