Thursday, October 8, 2009

Not Ready

Leo Zuckerman was part of a trio of journalists (Denise Dresser and Alfonso Zárate were the others) appearing at a recent event with Enrique Peña Nieto, during which the PRI's presidential hopeful was evidently spoke in banalities, was less than graceful in responding to hostile questions, and left abruptly. Zuckermann reached the following conclusion:
Throughout my career I have been at many events where presidential candidates from various countries appeared. I've seen how they have to deal with that, and much more. They must show that they are ready to pitch in the big leagues. You can tell who is. They arrived very prepared, with arguments and statistics, to speak to tough audiences. They respond to difficult questions. They don't take criticisms personally. They certainly don't get angry. In good faith they engage in a civilized debate. But yesterday Peña Nieto showed that he still isn't ready. That he lacks preparation and work if he really wants to take over Los Pinos.
Zuckermann is talking about his readiness for a presidential campaign, and Macario Schettino made a similar criticism about his readiness to actually serve as president in regard to his largely phantasmal performance during the May flu outbreak. Taken together, the criticisms --that he is unready to both be elected and to serve-- have to worry PRI supporters, despite his wide lead in the polls.

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