Thursday, October 8, 2009

A More Measured Response

The Times reports that Mexico has learned from last spring's scare, and is responding more calmly this time around:

With the number of cases surging again in Mexico — September had more new cases, 9,231, than any previous month — the government says it has learned important lessons about what works and what does not when it comes to the strain, H1N1. Mass school and restaurant closings, which dealt a severe blow to Mexico’s economy, are out. So are calls for Mexicans to huddle in their homes.

Instead, the government says it is adopting more focused measures, like keeping confirmed carriers like Mr. Vázquez temporarily under quarantine.


mexijo said...

It really seems like last year doesn't it?

pc said...

It's odd, because this year I know a lot more people who've been diagnosed, but the whole atmosphere in the media and in town is totally different, a million times calmer.

me said...

What I'm saying is: the big scare was THIS YEAR (April/May 2009).

pc said...

Aaaaa I'm a little slow, I think in school years.

pc said...

Correction forthcoming.