Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sicilia's Juárez Appearance and Milenio's Editorial Page

Ciro Gómez says that Javier Sicilia's protest in Juárez was dominated by DF denizens who turned the event into a call for the army to leave Juárez. Which is all the more odd because the army has been out of Juárez since April 2010. Gómez doesn't seem to be a fan of the movement, so perhaps take that with a grain of salt, though I've heard similar complaints elsewhere.

Also, one of the amusing things about Milenio's op-ed page is the colorful titles, and today, we had a heck of a one-two punch from Gómez Leyva and Jairo Calixto Albarrán:

For those scoring at home, the first reads, "Stop shouting bullshit, for God's sake", while the second reads, "'Big tits, big ass, doesn't make me a big whore'", apparently the chant at a rally against sexual violence in Mexico City.

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