Thursday, June 23, 2011

AMLO after Ávila's Win

Leo Zuckermann with a sharp take on the aftermath of Mexico State for AMLO:
Will anyone from the left hold AMLO accountable for this error? No. Because some continue adoring him and others, who are aware of this fervor, are afraid to confront him. In the polls, Marcelo Ebrard doesn't even tickle him among the left. AMLO is the favorite. And that's why no one will hold him accountable when things go badly for the left in the State of Mexico. Furthermore, there will always be the tactic of denying the loss ("what happened is the mafia that controls the country robbed us again, blah, blah, blah") or admitting that they lost but with the pride of not having allied with "the mafiosos of the PAN that are the same as the PRI".

What's true is that, after having blocked the alliance, after having imposed Alejandro Encinas as the candidate of the left for the governorship, AMLO practically disappeared from Mexico State territory. Yesterday Carlos Puig asked him if he had abandoned Encinas. He responded that he had covered the state with the candidate: "Alejandro is conducting a very good campaign, there is a lot of citizen participation, they are supporting him to the degree that he is very well accompanied...I don't have the least doubt that he will become governor."

I don't think so, because the say that he won't. In the best of cases, Encinas will occupy a distant second place. And the left, far from holding AMLO accountable for his error, will proceed to anoint him as their candidate.

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