Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Responsible Party in the Hank Case

Jorge Fernández Menéndez, channeling someone in the PGR, the army, or Los Pinos, marvels at how the Interior Secretary has escaped criticism:
Missing in all of this is the principal protagonist, Interior Secretary Francisco Blake Mora. You cannot imagine that an operation of this magnitude has been carried out in Baja California, his turg and where he has innumerable connections, without his being informed of it, in addition to the fact that being at the very least informed is his obligation as the interior secretary. What's more, we are told that this weekend Secretary Blake was in his state. In any event, the political decision for an operation of this type is made in the interior secretary's offices. From there the security forces must be coordinated, including the ministerio público. From there, various sources say, came the order, when it was evident that the case was falling apart, to pull out the card of the protected witness and the murder of the son's girlfriend, despite being obvious and untimely. And now he should show his face and assume responsibility. Because until now those who appear the only guilty parties are the army, the PGR, and the presidency: three institutions central to the state that are seriously damaged so that an official doesn't assume his personal responsibility.

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