Saturday, June 25, 2011


A couple of interesting notes this week. First, from Aguachile:
In Nayarit, the PRD is not running in alliance with the PAN. Its candidate, Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo, has been a man of the left his entire life, never a priísta, and rejected the suggestion he would decline in favor of PAN's candidate, Martha Elena García.

Yet AMLO, rather than backing the PRD candidate, travels to Nayarit to back Nayar Marroquín, candidate of PT and Convergencia. Not only is it a completely useless undertaking - his vote intention is minimal - but he will also take votes from the PRD candidate. So why is AMLO, a former party president and the PRD's 2006 candidate, doing this? This time there is absolutely no excuse, as in the past, where he opposed PAN-PRD alliance candidates.

This is the true face of AMLO showing: A man who have absolutely no compunction about betraying his old party, as long as it benefits his own, highly personalistic project.
Second, from Bajo Reserva, AMLO says with regard to the pact of leftist unity with Ebrard that polls are "nonsense", which led Ebrard to comment that the deal must be honored. Bajo Reserva speculates that, as with governmental institutions in 2006, he will send the agreement with Ebrard to the diablo. Whatever the case, I would bet a lot of money for a very small return that AMLO will be a candidate next year, regardless of the agreement. The only question is whether the left is divided or not, but either way, he's not winning, nor is Ebrard.

If you had told me in spring of 2007 that AMLO would still be such a relevant figure in the 2012 election, I don't think I would have believed you.

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