Sunday, June 12, 2011

No More Mérida?

Javier Sicilia demanded the cancellation of the Mérida Initiative yesterday. I don't think much of the Mérida Initiative, neither in its conception nor its execution nor in its underlying conceit that US aid can play a decisive role in Mexican public security, but I think its removal will have zero effect on Mexican security. It's not the best use of money for the Americans, to be sure, but, it's a tangential issue for Mexico.

It's hard not to sympathize with Sicilia and those who want a radical change of direction, but the problem is that when you start looking, it's hard to find any radical changes that are very promising. Aside from the Mérida demand, Sicilia has also demanded that Genaro García Luna resign (which was fair but wasn't going to happen, nor was it going to have a dramatic improvement), demanded a sign that Calderón is listening (which is also fine, but not closely related to improvements in public security), and demanded the removal of the army, but not immediately (at which point it becomes unclear how his demands differ from the government's policies in anything more than emphasis).

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