Monday, June 20, 2011

Cordero/PAN Candidate Polling

BGC picked Mexicans' brains on the topic of Ernesto Cordero, and found that he a) is not well known; b) has grown much less popular in the past few months; and c) people really disagree with his assessment that Mexico is no longer a poor country. Of course, people in this case are wrong, and they contradict themselves: 53 percent totally agree that Mexico is a middle-income nation with a severe problem of poverty, while 83 percent totally reject Cordero's assertion that Mexico is no longer a poor country. Despite these two beliefs being mutually exclusive, at least 36 percent evidently hold both positions simultaneously. The proportion of the confused jumps to 61 percent when you include people who somewhat agree/disagree with the two statements. But the more important lesson for Cordero is to avoid making comments that make him seem out of touch, even if they are true, for as long as he is campaigning for the presidency.

In any event, while Cordero seems stuck in neutral, Josefina Vázquez Mota has a good piece of news from this poll: for the first time since BGC has been asking, she outpolled Santiago Creel and the rest of the field, with 41 percent preferring her as the candidate.

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