Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sedena Agrees with Me

The narco-tanks are not that big a deal, says the Mexican military. They called them a "desperate attempt" to protect their men from military attacks, as well as part of an effort to terrorize rivals. Those are two rather different goals, of course, though there may be a bit of truth to each.


malcolm said...

i agree with you on the narco-tanks. they look impressive, and could be used to guard stash houses, but can't exactly be used in the streets. (you'd think people might alert the army to their presence.) i think they're more show than anything; and another sign of what exactly the narcos are capable of.

pc said...

Yeah I think that's it, it's just for show. It's kind of a status thing. And it's noticeable that it's a Gulf-Zetas thing, ie the product of a longstanding rivalry, rather than just something that pops up everywhere.

Mexfiles said...

Life imitates art?

The first thing I thought of when I saw those "tanks" was "Lola la trailera" -- the cheesy 80s woman trucker v. narco flick that still shows up on Mexican television. Of course, the movie baddies had a much more impressive armored truck.

You can find somebody to armor your car in the yellow pages of any decent sized Mexican city, and creative mechanics on any street in the country, so I don't understand why anyone was surprised by this.

Good lord, these guys are just common criminals, and treating them as super-villains was a political move that got us into this untenable situation of seeing every typical gangster action as if it's of military significance. The only reason this was highlighted was that it justifies the "drug war" bureaucrats continual search for relevance. Shame on the press for giving so much attention to what otherwise would have been a "news of the weird" item, nothing more.