Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Arraigo for Hank

I thought it was a rather damning indictment of the arraigo that Marisela Morales said that it would not be applied in the Hank Rhon case so as to avoid "political pressure". That's rather silly; if it's good enough for the arrestees in the San Fernando case, or the musicians playing at Beltrán Leyva's parties in 2009, or beauty queens dating narcos, then it should be fine for an allegedly corrupt politician, too. And if it can't withstand the scrutiny in a case like Jorge Hank Rhon's, then Mexico should consider ditching it altogether. In any event, Hank Rhon is now on his way to trial for charges related to illegal weapons and perhaps organized crime.

Speaking of Morales, she's been the attorney general for just a few weeks, and first Hank Rhon and now the ex-governor of Chiapas, Pablo Salazar, has been arrested by federal authorities; was she given a mandate to go after corrupt former officials?


Mexfiles said...

At least against politicos whose arrest can embarrass PAN's opposition.

pc said...

I dont think the Salazar arrest quite has the same embarrassing impact as the Hank Rhon case. Nor would the Hank Rhon case if the rest of the PRI didnt jump through hoops to stand up for him.