Monday, June 13, 2011

René Arce: Heck of a Guy

He's like an over-the-top character from a none-too-subtle movie. Via Aguachile:
Milenio's recent interview with Senator René Arce is well worth a read: It is hard to find a more complete expression of the extreme opportunism and cynicism pervading much of Mexico´s political elite. To recall, Arce was once a guerrilla fighter, then a PRD member, and has now, with his brother, thrown his lot with the PRI in Mexico State, and, as he outlines, possibly in Mexico City and for the presidency as well.

Asked if he want to return to power in his old fiefdom Iztapalapa, where he and his brother have taken turns on power much thanks to their use of clientelistic networks, he replies, in a call for offers, "I don't want a borough; I want an embassy."
I love that he doesn't even try to hide his venality and empty ambition. This is like the kind of juicy comment to an aid you would read about in a trial, but he's proudly broadcasting it for all the world to see. Hopefully, if his wish comes true, he gets sent to some horrible place like [insert least favorite nation here].

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