Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ebrard's Plans for Mexico State

From Bajo Reserva:
Marcelo Ebrard's circle of advisors has a scenario for the Sunday election in the State of Mexico: the DF mayor throws all his support behind the candidate of the left, Alejandro Encinas, well aware of the small possibility he has of scoring an electoral triumph. Nevertheless, the positive angle is that the difference in votes between don Alejandro and the PRI candidate, Eruviel Ávila, is as small as possible, and manageable, and that the perredista is above the PAN's candidate, Luis Felipe Bravo Mena. What's the plan? Ebrard's strategists consider it necessary to generate the perception that the fight for the presidency is between PRD and the PRI, with the PAN having no shot to remain in Los Pinos. That way, the panistas that don't want the PRI to return will transfer their vote to the PRE in 2012.
I'm skeptical as to whether that play really helps the PRD all that much. Even after years of alliances, I would think a strong PAN candidate would take more votes away from Peña Nieto than Ebrard. I guess the question is whether most voters define their vote according to PRI vs non-PRI; I suspect that they don't.

But regardless, none of this helps Ebrard with getting by AMLO.

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