Sunday, June 5, 2011

More on Hank

Jorge Zepeda says that the arrest of the Jorge Hank, connected through his father to the Grupo Atlacomulco that forms Peña Nieto's political support base, is an attempt by Los Pinos to take Peña Nieto down a peg ahead of the Mexico State and presidential elections. He also compared it to the desafuero, which is an exaggeration in that López Obrador was the leading candidate for the presidency and Hank is a has-been politico whose reputation is more broadly negative, and the michoacanazo, which seems more apt to me. He also says that without more proof of guilt, Calderón will probably end up worse off from the gambit than Peña Nieto.

Hank's lawyer says he was arrested without any weapons in his possession, which would kind of take the sting out of the weapons charges.

Paraphrasing Hank's father and dismissing the lawyer's claims, Alejandro Encinas says that a politician with guns is a poor politician. Hank himself had his own take on Carlos's famous line: A politician who is imprisoned is a political prisoner. Of course, that's irredeemably stupid.

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