Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What You Didn't Hear in Guerrero, You Won't Hear in 2012

Alberto Aziz Nassif:
The visibility that these state elections have allow us to see the contradictions and absurdities used by the political class to what benefits their interests. The game that is played with the electoral rituals is called pragmatism, violence, clientelism, anything but perspectives on the development of the state, which has very high indices of poverty and welfare deficiencies in health, education, infrastructure. What is important is to win, the price doesn't matter, neither in Guerrero, nor in the upcoming electoral contests through the presidential succession in 2012.
State elections aren't the best forum for wide-ranging policy discussions, but he's right; the Guerrero coverage was rather devoid of substance, and the 2012 election doesn't promise any great change. The media has a big share of the blame as well; they don't demand much on the policy front, and even when politicians do offer positions, they aren't picked over with any particular zeal.

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