Thursday, February 24, 2011

More on the Arrests of Zapata's Killers

The army presented nine alleged members of the Zetas, who evidently confessed to shooting up the car in which Jaime Zapata was killed. According to them, the attack on the Americans was not because of their nationality, but rather a case of confusion, as they were driving a car that looked like that of a rival band. That does make sense: big SUVs with polarized windows are a popular car for drug gangs in Mexico.


don quixote said...

It seems that contrary to the enthusiastic pat on the back Calderon got from President Obama last night during a phone conversation,most of the commentary I am hearing from Mexicanos is cacophonic and typically cynical. And I don't blame them
Although I'm happy that these retard looking MuddaFadda's that killed the ICE agent Zapata have been arrested (hey I thought the Zeta's were supposed to be some sort of elite ex paramilitary group, these guys look like the day laborers down at the Home Depot), my sympathies lie with the Mexican people.
Why is it that thousands of innocent Mexicano's have been killed in this drug war and the killers operate with impunity and are hardly ever caught?
Then when a US Govt official is murdered the killers are snatched up and put on display within days of the crime.
I know, we all know the obvious reason, to the powers that be the average Mexicano killed is expendable and is hardly worth a half ass attempt at justice , but it still stings and reminds Mexicano's of the realities and injustices of the Mexican system of class and social strata.
Another scandalous revelation that is associated with this case is the news that the leader of these boneheads, "Piolin Zapata" was arrested and jailed in 2009 for being in the possesion of a military uniform and an automatic weapon. What ever happened over that beef and why was this idiot running around with another automatic weapon (and military uniform?) a mere two years later?
How far this investigation will go is up for speculation, I think the Zetas are in for a severe spanking from all parties concerned.

Anonymous said...

Just to play a little devil's advocate, it may have been "confusion" like SEDENA says, but the car had diplomatic plates and they supposedly identified themselves as federal agents when pulled over....and the guys looked pretty beat to hell when they were paraded around on TV. Some of them could barely walk.

pc said...

Yeah and only six of nine appeared, right? As far as what happened, I don't know, it's really hard for anyone to know. So they roll the window down and all of a sudden there were bullets could be because they really thought that it was another gang and they were rolling down the windows to fire on them. Or they could have already known they were Americans and were deciding to shoot in the exact same way. It could have played out the exact same way.

As far as the fact that the government magically gets better at finding perpetrators once a certain level of media exposure is reached, yeah, hard to know what to make of that. You see it a fair amount. In the most charitable of interpretations, this seems that most garden variety crimes aren't enough to get the justice system cranking at a fraction of the rate it is capable of.

Mexfiles said...

Either the Zetas are not the super-villains and psycho rogue special forces dudes they've been made out to be, or the military went out and just rounded up the usual suspects... or both.

pc said...

I'll definitely buy the first (everyone wants to believe that their enemies are ten feet tall), and the second wouldn't be shocking, to say the least.