Monday, February 21, 2011

Radical Teachers, Part 17,000

This post from Aguachile was infuriating:

That's Sigfrido Olmedo, subdirector of the Technical Secondary School No. 1 in the capital of Oaxaca. He is seen here kicking the Oaxaca secretary of public security, Marco Tulio López Escamilla, while he's already down. López Escamilla had walked over to Olmedo and other demonstrators to try to have a dialogue with them, clearly with little success. Olmedo, the teacher, was recognized by his own students on Facebook.
"I weep for the future" is the pretentious sort of line one delivers toward an irritating upstart, as was the case in its original usage. It's not often someone of middle age inspires the sentiment, but evidently Sigfrido Olmedo isn't your average middle-aged dude.


malcolm said...

ah, role models.

pc said...

Yeah really. I wonder if his kids were shocked or if it is in keeping with his character more generally.