Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Lessons Holder Takes from Zapata's Death

Speaking at the funeral of slain ICE agent Jaime Zapata, Eric Holder said:
"We will win this struggle," Holder vowed. "This is my pledge to you."
"He was working to help our neighbors and allies in Mexico," Holder said. "We must, and we will, eradicate the scourge that claimed his life."
Of course, as Holder must know, there will be no eradication, neither of organized crime nor of drugs. It was surely an emotional moment, and words in a eulogy shouldn't be confused with government policy, yet the spirit expressed above is pretty common when US officials address the drug trade. And it reflects zero understanding of the reality of the past 30 years.


don quixote said...

I don't know about eradicating the drug trade, sounds like some emotional chest beating and weak PR. But I think the impressive turnout at the services, and threating words by the most powerful of the US Federal powers that be, signal an all out ass kicking and to hell with the rules, attack on anyone associated with the very brazen but very stupid Zeta organization.
I predict retribution will be sudden and merciless. The Zetas are done for and they have nobody to blame except themselves with thier arrogant and ignorant actions.
This couldn't have played out any better (or lucratively), for Chapo and some of the other DTO's, who will no doubt assist LE any way possible during the upcoming eradication of the Zetas, then they will attempt to figure out who will sit where at the dinner table for the new feast to be served up.

pc said...

We shall see. I hope that the US can take down the Zetas, but I'm not certain that it will happen. It could maybe put some pressure on Mexico to get some of the main players and the people behind the Zapata shooting, but that is not a foregone conclusion IMO.