Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cordero on the (Not-So-Challenging) Challenges of a Middle-Class Mexican Existence

Comments like this could come back to haunt Ernesto Cordero should he run for president:
[W]ith an income of 6,000 pesos a month there are Mexican families that have a credit for their own house, that have a credit for a car that have the time to send their children to a private school and are paying the tuition.
I don't doubt that it's theoretically possible to do all that with 6,000 pesos per month (roughly $500) in some areas of the country, but it would be very, very hard with a family of four, without eating a diet of exclusively beans and tortillas, to pull that off. But beyond that, it just makes him look callous and out-of-touch: be happy with your 6,000 pesos a month, which is a lot, you bunch of upwardly mobile peasants! The attack ad writes itself: you simply repeat that line, and then say, "Is this the man you want running Mexico?".

Also, it was interesting to see Excélsior include former UNAM boss Juan Ramón de la Fuente in its profiles of the ten top presidential contenders. That seems more like wishful thinking than a plausible outcome.

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