Monday, February 7, 2011

Aristegui Fired

Carmen Aristegui, a media personality known for a nightly interview show on CNN and a daily radio program, has been fired from the latter gig, evidently for the following comment about the banners that Gerardo Fernández Noroña placed in the Chamber of Deputies accusing Calderón of being a drunk:
Does the president have problems with alcohol or not? The Presidency of the Republic itself really should give a concise, formal answer regarding this. There is nothing offensive when someone, if this were the case, goes through a problem of this sort, alcoholism is a health problem, very well studied, very well known...
And on and on she goes, hitting the same notes. I agree with Aguachile. Her reaction was both bizarre and silly; no president should have to answer all of the baseless personal claims made against him during his time in office. But this is a weird thing to get fired over. It wasn't particularly hostile, nor were insults or bad words used. And it's at least the second time she's had a controversial exit to a radio show; a personal feud with Pedro Ferriz led to her leaving a previous show in 2002.

Then again, you never know what the dynamics are that led to a firing. It may be that she irritated everyone in the office day after day with lots of petty stuff that people have just kept quiet about:
"She demanded that I write a haiku every Friday about her pores", said a former intern.
"Carmen called my mother to complain about the cookies she'd sent me for my birthday, which she'd had stolen from my lunch," said another former coworker. "She thought they were too sweet."

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