Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Responding to Fox?

For whatever reason, I am on a press list for the Venezuelan Embassy to the US, and I got this press release in my email in-box today:
Ship with More than Two Tons of Cocaine Intercepted

In a joint operation between Venezuelan and French authorities, a ship carrying more than two-and-a-half tons of cocaine was intercepted, announced the Minister of People's Power for Interior and Justice, Tareck El Aisami.

EL Aisami said the boat sailed from Colombia and that during the procedure seven foreigners were captured..

Throughout 2010, Venezuelan security agencies seized more than 63 tons of illegal drugs.

The president of the National Anti-Drug Office (ONA), Nestor Reverol, recently reported that more than 54 tons of drugs seized were from international traffickers and the rest were to be distributed and marketed within Venezuela.
This, of course, comes just after Vicente Fox accused Chávez of facilitating drug trafficking in Venezuela. Take that, Chente! That could be a new tactic to encourage participation from foreign governments on drug trafficking: send Fox out to accuse them of not doing so.


malcolm said...

a good list to be on. perhaps it will lead to an invite to the embassy next time Chavez is in town

pc said...

Aaaahhh one can only dream. Or maybe backstage passes to Aló Presidente.