Thursday, February 3, 2011

Replacing Ortega

Excélsior reports on three names who are said to be jockeying for the presidency of the PRD (the elections for which will be held in March): Jesús Zambrano, a staunch ally of incumbent Jesús Ortega's and one of the Chuchos' namesakes; the infamous Ricardo Monreal, who suffers the burden of having left the PRD years ago for the PT but compensates for it by being friendly with the pejistas; and Javier González, who is not closely affiliated with either of the two sides.

The last PRD election was a photo finish between Ortega and Alejandro Encinas that lingered for close to a year without resolution as each side lobbed fraud allegations; if it turns into a contest of essentially Monreal versus Zambrano, it'll be interesting to see if either side has increased their support enough to make it a more one-sided affair.

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